Monday, October 29, 2012

Let Me Tell You A Little Story: The Worst Field Trip Ever

In the Fall of 8th grade, we went on a field trip to a corn maze. The atmosphere lately has reminded me of this day.

Because my mom was chaperoneing, I went with her straight to the maze instead of going to school and taking the bus. It was gray and dreary outside, promising bad weather. When my classmates got there, we went to a tent where the owners gave us the general directions and guidelines. We got maps and divided into groups. I don't remember if me and my mom were separated, but I think we may have been. The trick to the maze was that there were these boxes placed at certain spots. Our maps were blank, so we had to get stickers from the boxes to complete it. If we found a box that had the sticker we needed, we were going in the right direction. It would have been fun, but it started raining. There was nothing laid out in the path to cover the dirt, so it got VERY muddy. Also, it was cold. Cold, raining, and muddy. Doesn't sound like a fun time. One of the workers asked us if anyone wanted to leave, so I left and went back to the tent. The rest of my group tried to finish the maze some more. Because it was so cold, the woman who owned it gave me a hand warmer. When some people came out, they were covered to their knees in mud. We were all just miserable. By the time the end of the trip came, there were still a few hours left in the school day. My classmates took the bus back to school, but my mom took me home instead. We probably weren't going to be doing anything there, anyway. And besides, I was soaking wet. When I got home, I got into some dry, comfy, and warm lounging clothes, curled up in my bed, and drank some hot chocolate.

That was the most miserable field trip I have ever been on. I remember that it was on a Thursday.



  2. That's my friend Carson's blog. He's the one that inspired me to create my own. This is his retelling of our trip to DC.

    I'm "Megzi".
    And yes, he did get lost, and no, I took him an hour to beat me... In monoply. You need to read that story it's hilarious.

    1. It's interesting! A similar thing happened when I took a trip to D.C. Except, it was everyone on our bus and we were going to the holocaust museum. They left me, my mom, and my friend behind.

  3. Hey! Sounds like an interesting field trip! I always hate it when it rains on field trips that are outside. Totally ruins it! Great post, August! :)


    1. Thanks! Even though I've been on bigger trips, this one I think is the most memorable.

  4. Actually, that field trip sounded like a lot of fun!
    I remember going on field trips where my parents had to either drive me or join me later, It's not always fun when the parents are around.
    Last year I went on a school trip and It was super rainy and muddy too, We spent most of the time in the bus listening to music and dancing like we never did before.
    The bottom line, if you decide to enjoy your day, you will no matter what! ;)
    Great post!
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