Monday, October 29, 2012

Let Me Tell You A Little Story: The Worst Field Trip Ever

In the Fall of 8th grade, we went on a field trip to a corn maze. The atmosphere lately has reminded me of this day.

Because my mom was chaperoneing, I went with her straight to the maze instead of going to school and taking the bus. It was gray and dreary outside, promising bad weather. When my classmates got there, we went to a tent where the owners gave us the general directions and guidelines. We got maps and divided into groups. I don't remember if me and my mom were separated, but I think we may have been. The trick to the maze was that there were these boxes placed at certain spots. Our maps were blank, so we had to get stickers from the boxes to complete it. If we found a box that had the sticker we needed, we were going in the right direction. It would have been fun, but it started raining. There was nothing laid out in the path to cover the dirt, so it got VERY muddy. Also, it was cold. Cold, raining, and muddy. Doesn't sound like a fun time. One of the workers asked us if anyone wanted to leave, so I left and went back to the tent. The rest of my group tried to finish the maze some more. Because it was so cold, the woman who owned it gave me a hand warmer. When some people came out, they were covered to their knees in mud. We were all just miserable. By the time the end of the trip came, there were still a few hours left in the school day. My classmates took the bus back to school, but my mom took me home instead. We probably weren't going to be doing anything there, anyway. And besides, I was soaking wet. When I got home, I got into some dry, comfy, and warm lounging clothes, curled up in my bed, and drank some hot chocolate.

That was the most miserable field trip I have ever been on. I remember that it was on a Thursday.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday's Manicure: Halloween!

So, for yesterday's manicure, I wanted to do something for Halloween. Because I couldn't decide on whether to do spiderwebs or candy corn, I did both!

On my left hand, I painted spiderwebs. The orange is Times Square Tangerine from N.Y.C. and the black is Black Creme from Wet N' Wild. I painted the webs with my black and silver stripers from Sinful Colors.

On my right hand, I painted the more simple candy corn nails. I used Wet N' Wild's White Creme and the same oragne from my other hand. For the yellow, I used N.Y.C.'s Taxi Cab Yellow, but since it turned out too light, I painted a stripe of a little nameless bottle from a Claire's set that a friend gave me for my bithday a few years ago. That made the yellow pop a little more.

Did you or are you going to paint your nails for Halloween? Comment down below!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


One of my favorite YouTubers is Elle Fowler. In one of her videos, she mentioned a book called Eve. She said that she couldn't remember most of it, but what she did say about it made me curious to read the book.

A plaque kills off 98% of the population. Eve was one of the children that survived. After the plague, all the girls are sent to live in boarding schools. There, they have a good life and everything that they need. They are promised that they will learn for twelve years, then go learn whatever trade they want in the trade building for four. After that, they will go to the City of Sand, where they will live a perfect life. However, on the eve of her graduation, Eve sneaks out and discovers a disturbing secret. So, Eve runs away to try to find a place where the escaped orphans go.

There is not much I have to say about this book. There was no wow-factor. I wasn't lured in as many others I've read. Nothing suprised me or kept me on a cliff-hanger. But, it was still enjoyable. The concept of this society is interesting and intriging. However, I have seen many of these elements before. It's like the author tried to make the book similar to The Hunger Games. Of course, there is a boy. There was just something about him that didn't keep me interested in the romance aspect of the story. Normally, that's my favorite part.

I do reccomend Eve if you want something to read and I will read the sequel to it, but I just wasn't like "Wow! What a great book!". It is a nice story, but it's just not one of my favorites. I give it three and a half stars.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Procrastination. I will define it...later. Haha. I'm supposed to be working on French and an English assignment, but instead I'm blogging. Might as well post a few pics of it while I'm at it.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday's Manicure: Vintage Rosebuds

All over YouTube I've seen manicures like this. They're little vintage-style rosebuds. For a while I thought "I have to do this" because they're so me. My style is very vintage romantic.

The blue is Wet N' Wild's Need A Refresh-Mint, the pink is an e.l.f. polish that came in a set and doesn't have a name. I used a white striper for the white areas and I painted the leaves with a midgi nail art pen.

These rosebuds were very easy to do, even though they look complicated.

On my left hand, I decided to add stripes and polka dots. I made the dots with a mechanical pencil dipped in polish.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Product Review: NYX Eyeshadow Trio

About two weeks ago I went to Ulta to try to find a few makeup items. One of those was a good neutral eyeshadow. I didn't want something that was too dark. I came across the eyeshadow trios in the nyx isle. They had about a third of it dedicated to these. This one looked the most appealing to me. The colors are not too dark and I like the shades. This trio is called Aloha/Mink Brown/Deep Bronze.

Picture with flash:

Without flash:

And Swatches:

For the past two weeks I have been using this a lot, more than any other of my eyeshadows. They are pressed powders, but creamy enough to go on even and smooth. There is absolutely no fallout at all. That is a problem that I've had with one of my e.l.f. eyeshadows. They are also very shimmery, which I like, but it's not too much.

There are a couple of downsides, though. One is that the Mink Brown (the middle one) doesn't show up well against my skin. It almost matches it, but a little more gold tint to it. Barely there. I still like it, though. The other one is that it seems to be faded a bit by the time school lets out.

Overall, I am loving this product and I really want to try the other trios. I love the concistency and how they look. They just fade, though. But, I hope you try it!

Comment down below!

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Had A Craving...

Earlier today I had a baking bug and a craving for ginger snaps. So, I looked online for a recipe. I found one at You can get the one that I used here. It will pop up in a new window. Supposedly, it makes 36, but I got 40. More cookies, can't complain. What I like about it is that it doesn't require any crazy ingredients that you have to travel halfway across the world (or to the store) for. Most of these things you probably already have in your pantry. Except, I didn't have shortening, so my aunt suggested that I use oil. I used canola oil and, since I ran out of it, a little bit of olive.

Here's the outcome:

They're covered in sugar! And they look store-bought to me. Taste-wise, they are good. But, they're not as strong as others that I've had. But, they're yummy and that's all that matters!

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Sweet Sixteen

This past Saturday, I had a party for my 16th birthday. It wasn't big, only 2 people ended up coming. Go figure. But, it was fun anyway.

This is what the table looked like:

We had all my favorite junk food, plus some other things so that the other people had things that they might like. The color scheme was lavender, pink, and light turquoise. Those are my favorites. Around the centerpiece and on the coffe table, I had little jewel confetti type things that I found at Party City. Also, I had someone arrange tulle on the coffe table and around twinkle lights on the mantle and on top of the tv stand.

This was how I wore my makeup. I really liked how it turned out. I might wear it to school. It was really quick to do. The blues were from a palette that I got at Claire's that was on clearence. It is my favorite. I might to a post on that. Under it, as a base, I used a nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cottage Cheese.