Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Days In...

Just this past Monday, I started school again. Now, I am a junior. 3 days in, I now finally have a little bit of downtime. My school is working on a production of The Color Purple and since we are the second high school in the country to do it, it's a very big deal. I am working in the costume department. It starts very soon, so we are just trying to cram as much as we can into two weeks. Yes, two. I had to be at school for ten hours yesterday. Plus, I also am taking French online since my school doesn't offer it as a class. That means that I have to stay on top of my learning and turning in my assignments. Fortunately for me, I have one block, or period, reserved for using the computers at school so I don't have to do it ALL at home. Also, at first, my schedule was messed up, so that was pretty stressful, too. I think now I'm starting to get into the loop of things.

I hope you enjoyed my procrastination post. Now I gotta do some French. :P

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Cheap And Unique Face Powder Substitution Found in Your Pantry

Whenever you use liquid foundation and concealer, it is reccomended that you set it with a powder of some sort. You can also use it to reduce shine if you have oily skin. I don't use foundation, but I do use a liquid concealer. Instead of setting it with a powder from the drugstore, I use...


Cornstarch is transparent and very cheap. I put it in a small container and just apply it with a regular face makeup brush. It works very well and is not noticeable. However, I do not know how it works on darker skin. I have very pale skin, so it blends in nicely. If you have darker skin, you can try it and comment if it works or not. But, the best thing about this is the price. You could possibly spend more money on powder and get less than you would a box of cornstarch. My concealer also lasts all day, too.

It is a great money-saving tip and possibly better for your skin because there is only one ingredient; cornstarch.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Possibly The Best Nail File Ever?

A couple weeks ago I got this nail file at Bath and Body Works. It is in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, and I love all things Paris! It's also pink with a rhinestone on it. Need I say more?

Yes. I need say more. On the other side...

There is a mirror! This is probably the most creative file I have ever seen.

IS this the best nail file ever? I think so.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday's Manicure: Back to School Blue Plaid

I go back to school on Monday. (sigh) For my manicure, I decided to do a nail foil in pale blue. Then I painted a simple plaid design with the black and white striper polishes from Sinful Colors. After that, I put either a black or white pearl where the stripes cross and make a plaid. The foil was a little uncooperative in some places, so the design made it look a little bit neater. (Please ignore the bug spray)

You can click on the pictures to make them bigger and see them better.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm On Google!

When I started this blog last month, my mom said that she couldn't find it on Google. Well, now she can!

Yes, this is a random celebratory blog post.

Versatile Blogger Award

I was tagged by Meghan to do this. All what I'm doing is writing 7 random facts about myself and then tagging two other people.

1. My dream school is Parsons New School of Design in New York.
2. I have never left the Eastern side of the country.
3. I am obbsessed with my middle name, which is Rose.
4. My number-one dream is to go to Paris.
5. My fingers are freakishy double-jointed.
6. I love sucking on lemons.
7. My eyes sometimes change color.

I tag Kyla and Olivia.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Penguin Necklace!

The other day I made this necklace. The penguin and the two purple beads I got at a bead show, the white crystal beads are from a broken necklace, and the blue seed beads are from Micheals.

I have an obbsession with penguins!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday's Manicure: Neon Pink Braid

I saw a YouTube video of a braided manicure tutorial and I thought it looked really cool. I was saving it for a trip that we were going to go on this weekend, but unfortunately we could not scrape up enough cash to do it. But, I decided to to the manicure anyway.

The pink I used it Orly's Oh Cabana Boy, the white is Colorama by Maybeline in Pink Opal, and the blue is HD by Sally Hansen in Laser (which I borrowed from my aunt). All the colors were very sheer, which was cool when I put the blue over the pink because it looked purple. But, I had to put on the white 3 times and it still didn't cover the blue completely. The manicure also took a long time to get totaly dry, so I smeared it some.

I don't know which pictures turned out the best, so I just put both the indoor and outdoor ones. Personally, I think the thumbnail turned out the best, even though I smeared the very tip of it a tiny bit trying to open a mirror.

This is how I did the other hand. On this one, I had to put on at least 7 coats of white to make it opague.

And this is the video I used. Enjoy!

Friday, August 17, 2012

If I Ran The World

I was just reading Color Coordinated's blog, and she made a list of 20 things she would do if she ran the world. I decided to do the same.

1. All women would have equal rights as men.
2. Products would not be tested on animals.
3. Every building would be handicapp accesible
4. There would be no animal cruelity.
5. Everyone would be given at least $50 a week if they don't have a job.
6. Food would cost less.
7. The Urban Decay Naked Palette would not cost $50.
8. Chocolate would be a health food.
9. Hot chocolate would always be made with milk, not water (ick).
10. Laws based on ethics would all be legal. If you don't like it, don't do it.
11. Plastic surgery would have a limit.
12. School would start at noon and end at 3.
13. People would use cars only if they had to. Otherwise, they would just walk.
14. Only talented people would be famous.
15. Hospitals would be cheap.
16. Beauty Gurus would not use expensive makeup products all the time.
17. People could travel if they wanted to.
18. I could shop whenever I wanted to.
19. You would not have to pay for songs on i-tunes.
20. Magazines would not photoshop.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Planner

Today I am just scatterbrained. I don't know why. I guess it's because I missed some sleep since I set my alarm clock an hour earlier than I usually get up so that I can get my body used to getting up early. School for me starts on the 27th, so I have just the right amount of time to do it. What I'm doing is just gradually setting my clock earlier every morning and I started today.

Anyway, I wanted to blog about my planner that I got for school. I had one in freshman year, but in sophmore year I had just a cheap little $1 notebook that I got from Target. At first, it seemed like I wasn't getting much homework to actually write down, so I stopped using it. By the middle of the year, I really regretted it. So, for junior year, I've decided that I MUST have a planner.

The brand is Blue-Sky and I got it at Office Depot for about $9-$10. They had cheaper ones for about $5, but they didn't look like that they would last even a semester. So, I chose this one:

When I got it, there was a sticker on it that I peeled off. It just had the barcode and what was in it. But, then it was plain, so I took a Sharpie and drew a rose.

Above is just what the first page looks like. It just basically said what the sticker did. It has an at-a-glance calendar for 2012-2013, too.

There is also a little contact section to put adresses and phone numbers. I like that because then if somebody gives me their number, I'll only have to ask for it once.

The planner also has a space to put my personal information, but I already filled it out. So, for my personal saftey, I won't put a picture of that up. But, it's there.

The months are tabbed, too.

For each month, there is a calendar page for the entire month, then a weekly one.

Finally, there is also a U.S. map of all the states, time zones, and capitals. I will be taking U.S. History this year, so it might be helpful.

I REALLY reccomend getting a planner because it helps you organize things and not forget any homework assignments. This year, as soon as I get an imortant date that I need to remember, I'll write it down. That's my resolution.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Under The Never Sky

So, I attempted to do a pink and white gradient on my nails yesterday and it turned out to be sorta a fail. Most of them turned out splotchy and messy. I was going to post them anyway, but for some reason the manicure is super-reflective and when ever I tried to take a picture, there was a glare and I couldn't see the design. As you probably figured out, there is no Friday's Manicure blog post this week.

But, to make up for it (and I also was wanting to do this anyway), I will review a book that I just finished reading a few days ago. It is a book that I got on Kindle, as most of the ones that I read are. In my opinion, a Kindle is cheaper if you like to read as much as I do. Anyway, the book is called Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. I read a review on it on another site and thought that I might like it.

It's a Hunger Games type of book, since it takes place in an alternate future. In this future, you are either a dweller, a person who lives in a very protected city called pods, or an outsider. The outside world has Aether storms, which are very dangerous and destructive. There are also the typical diseases and food shortages and things like that. It is very similar to our world. The pods are very protective and advanced. Dwellers don't have to worry about anything that the outsiders do. Everything is provided for them and every person is "perfect" and lives for at least 200 years. Both worlds are very separate.

The story itself is about a girl named Aria. Her mother, who works in the medical field, is sent to another pod for research. The link between them is lost, and in Aria's attempt to get it back, she gets exiled to the outside world. She meets Pergrine, aka Perry, who knows how to help her find her mother. However, they must put aside their differences and stereotypes of each other.

I thought that the book was a little boring at first, but by the middle I had a hard time putting it down. It is between both Aria and Perry's points of view, which I didn't like as much as probably other people would. I would prefer it if it was all in Aria's view, but I know that the story needs to be in Perry's because we have to know his backstory, too. It's just that sometimes I found Perry's a little boring and too "tough", I guess, for me. Aria's was more interesting because you know her reaction and thoughts about the sudden transition between the two, very different, worlds. I also thought that the ending was a little too rushed. There were some things that I wanted to know and didn't make sense. I wish I could say what, but that would spoil it.

I did like the book, however. Like I said, it was hard to put down. The idea of it is really interesting. Aria notices things that we wouldn't because we see them all the time. This may sound really weird, but it was disturbing in a good way. It makes you think about things. You can tell that Aria is very bright. I also thought that the relationship between her and Perry was funny sometimes.

Overall, I do reccomend this book, despite the fact that my paragraph on what I didn't like is bigger than what I did. The changed between the two points of views is something that I just generally don't like in books, but other people do. If you like the alternate future genre of books, you will like this one.

Please comment! I love to read them.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Product Review: Wet N' Wild Color Icon Eyeliner

Yay! I have 50 views! Anyway, I just felt like making a blog post, so I would like to review Wet N' Wild's Color Icon Eyeliner in Turquoise.

I got it at Ulta for only 99 cents. That's a steal in teal! Haha. When I first got it, it was a little hard to make a visible line, but once I sharpened it, it worked better. I guess there is some sort of coating on it when it's brand-new. Otherwise, it is very pigmented:

It doesn't tug at all, which is very good since the eyes are always one of the most sensitive areas. I swatched a white khol eyeliner, also Wet N' Wild, on my hand before trying it on my eye. At Ulta, it was a little more expensive, but it tuged my hand and it was very hard to make it noticeable. If that was how it was on my hand, why would I try to put that near my eye? So, I am not saying that the entire brand or all their eyeliner is excellent, just the Color Icon.

The lasting quality is great! I sometimes just leave it on, and a couple days later, it's still there.

Overall, this is a great product that I highly reccomend. And only 99 cents, how can one not complain? Just sharpen it a little at first to get the coating off. I really want to try other colors. Maybe I'll pick up purple or white next. I love wacky colored eyeliner!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Manicure: On Thursday

I had on the black and white flower manicure for two weeks, and I just had the urge to paint my nails yesterday, which was Thursday. Normally, I re-paint my nails on Friday, but nothing sounded better than using my new polish and watching Crazy, Stupid, Love on the couch. Yep, yesterday was a lazy day. Anyway here is the bottle:

And my manicure:

On my ring finger, I just put a flower design from the KONAD m9 plate. In case you don't know, KONAD is a nail art stamping tool.

Now I want to talk about the color itself. It's Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in The Real Teal. I ran out of my favorite polish of the same brand and type, Marine Scene, but I couldn't find it at the drugstore. Instead, I got this. I think I like it better. It is so pretty! It's a teal with a slight shimmer to it. The reason why I took so many pictures was because I wanted to be sure that I could capture the color. On camera, it looks more like a blue, but in real life, it's a teal.