Saturday, November 3, 2012

The False Princess

The other day I finished a book called The False Princess. It was just a book that I found while clicking through books on Amazon. It sounded really interesting, so I got it on my Kindle. I am glad I did.

The story is about this fantasy world called Thorvaldor. Nalia has spent the past 16 years as the princess, until she is told that she is not the real one. A phrophecy predicted that Nalia would be murdered before her sixteenth birthday. So, the king and queen hid away the real Nalia and got Sinda Azaway to take her place in case the phrophecy became true. Since it didn't, they sent Sinda back to her only living relative, an aunt in a small peasant village. Her aunt, however, doesn't seem to like her and she misses her best friend that she had to leave behind, a noble's son named Kiernan. Sinda feels like she will never belong, until she discovers that she has magic powers.

Since my book reviews usually start out with what I didn't like, I think I'll say what bugged me about the book. Only one little thing bothered me, and that was the fact that Sinda was klutzy and not graceful. I don't mind that as a quality in her, but it seemed to be pointed out too much. There was more emphasis on that trait than there should be. But, that didn't make the story unenjoyable. Another little thing that didn't bug me, but I think was needed, was a little more explanation. I know what the peasant life is like, but what about the princess one that Sinda had to leave behind? What kind of society did the characters live in? There was a religion, but I was confused by it.

Now on to what I did like. I think the storyline was really good and unique. It was not predictable at all. There is a little mystery, which made me not want to put it down. I think the romance is sweet. It's there, but the story does not revolve around it. The action and adventure in it is the perfect amount. If there is too much, I get bored. I think that all the characters are enjoyable, even the villain. Each one of them had a distinct personality. You can also see a big change in Sinda throughout the book. I found that I could relate to her because at first, she doesn't want to cause any tension or fights, but then she becomes tougher and more open.

I really reccomend this book. It's a nice princess story and I think that even people who are not into them will like this. The story is not a Disney one at all, but of course Disney fans like myself would like it, too.

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