Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday's Manicure: I Cheated...

I love using nail polish strips, but they're always a splurge for me. So, I was happy when I found two that I liked at Ulta in the clearence bin. One was even the O.P.I. brand! But, I used the Ulta brand first.

These strips were originally $12.50, but were reduced to $3.99. That sounded like a pretty good deal to me! I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving, and I like to use nail strips before I travel because they usually last longer. But, I am not too satisfied with these strips. There was a really pretty color above the purple stripe at the top of my nail, but I couldn't get any of it on because someone would have to have freakishly long nails to see it. The Sally Hansen ones let you use both ends of the strip, but the Ulta brand doesn't. Also, they don't file off very well. You are supposed to fold it over the edge of your nail and file it off, but it got wrinkled and tore. It just started looking very sloppy after a while, but then it could just be me. Still, I am glad I didn't pay full-price.


  1. btu you got an amazing deal....and its not even black friday yet!!

    1. You never know what you'll find in the clearence section!