Saturday, August 11, 2012

Under The Never Sky

So, I attempted to do a pink and white gradient on my nails yesterday and it turned out to be sorta a fail. Most of them turned out splotchy and messy. I was going to post them anyway, but for some reason the manicure is super-reflective and when ever I tried to take a picture, there was a glare and I couldn't see the design. As you probably figured out, there is no Friday's Manicure blog post this week.

But, to make up for it (and I also was wanting to do this anyway), I will review a book that I just finished reading a few days ago. It is a book that I got on Kindle, as most of the ones that I read are. In my opinion, a Kindle is cheaper if you like to read as much as I do. Anyway, the book is called Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. I read a review on it on another site and thought that I might like it.

It's a Hunger Games type of book, since it takes place in an alternate future. In this future, you are either a dweller, a person who lives in a very protected city called pods, or an outsider. The outside world has Aether storms, which are very dangerous and destructive. There are also the typical diseases and food shortages and things like that. It is very similar to our world. The pods are very protective and advanced. Dwellers don't have to worry about anything that the outsiders do. Everything is provided for them and every person is "perfect" and lives for at least 200 years. Both worlds are very separate.

The story itself is about a girl named Aria. Her mother, who works in the medical field, is sent to another pod for research. The link between them is lost, and in Aria's attempt to get it back, she gets exiled to the outside world. She meets Pergrine, aka Perry, who knows how to help her find her mother. However, they must put aside their differences and stereotypes of each other.

I thought that the book was a little boring at first, but by the middle I had a hard time putting it down. It is between both Aria and Perry's points of view, which I didn't like as much as probably other people would. I would prefer it if it was all in Aria's view, but I know that the story needs to be in Perry's because we have to know his backstory, too. It's just that sometimes I found Perry's a little boring and too "tough", I guess, for me. Aria's was more interesting because you know her reaction and thoughts about the sudden transition between the two, very different, worlds. I also thought that the ending was a little too rushed. There were some things that I wanted to know and didn't make sense. I wish I could say what, but that would spoil it.

I did like the book, however. Like I said, it was hard to put down. The idea of it is really interesting. Aria notices things that we wouldn't because we see them all the time. This may sound really weird, but it was disturbing in a good way. It makes you think about things. You can tell that Aria is very bright. I also thought that the relationship between her and Perry was funny sometimes.

Overall, I do reccomend this book, despite the fact that my paragraph on what I didn't like is bigger than what I did. The changed between the two points of views is something that I just generally don't like in books, but other people do. If you like the alternate future genre of books, you will like this one.

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