Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Planner

Today I am just scatterbrained. I don't know why. I guess it's because I missed some sleep since I set my alarm clock an hour earlier than I usually get up so that I can get my body used to getting up early. School for me starts on the 27th, so I have just the right amount of time to do it. What I'm doing is just gradually setting my clock earlier every morning and I started today.

Anyway, I wanted to blog about my planner that I got for school. I had one in freshman year, but in sophmore year I had just a cheap little $1 notebook that I got from Target. At first, it seemed like I wasn't getting much homework to actually write down, so I stopped using it. By the middle of the year, I really regretted it. So, for junior year, I've decided that I MUST have a planner.

The brand is Blue-Sky and I got it at Office Depot for about $9-$10. They had cheaper ones for about $5, but they didn't look like that they would last even a semester. So, I chose this one:

When I got it, there was a sticker on it that I peeled off. It just had the barcode and what was in it. But, then it was plain, so I took a Sharpie and drew a rose.

Above is just what the first page looks like. It just basically said what the sticker did. It has an at-a-glance calendar for 2012-2013, too.

There is also a little contact section to put adresses and phone numbers. I like that because then if somebody gives me their number, I'll only have to ask for it once.

The planner also has a space to put my personal information, but I already filled it out. So, for my personal saftey, I won't put a picture of that up. But, it's there.

The months are tabbed, too.

For each month, there is a calendar page for the entire month, then a weekly one.

Finally, there is also a U.S. map of all the states, time zones, and capitals. I will be taking U.S. History this year, so it might be helpful.

I REALLY reccomend getting a planner because it helps you organize things and not forget any homework assignments. This year, as soon as I get an imortant date that I need to remember, I'll write it down. That's my resolution.


  1. I just discovered your blog. Your blog and also the adenda- ADORABLE :) we started blogging at the same time, funny right? My agenda is from target... Working on apost for that tomorrow! Check it out!

    1. I saw your blog. It looks really cool!