Monday, August 27, 2012

A Cheap And Unique Face Powder Substitution Found in Your Pantry

Whenever you use liquid foundation and concealer, it is reccomended that you set it with a powder of some sort. You can also use it to reduce shine if you have oily skin. I don't use foundation, but I do use a liquid concealer. Instead of setting it with a powder from the drugstore, I use...


Cornstarch is transparent and very cheap. I put it in a small container and just apply it with a regular face makeup brush. It works very well and is not noticeable. However, I do not know how it works on darker skin. I have very pale skin, so it blends in nicely. If you have darker skin, you can try it and comment if it works or not. But, the best thing about this is the price. You could possibly spend more money on powder and get less than you would a box of cornstarch. My concealer also lasts all day, too.

It is a great money-saving tip and possibly better for your skin because there is only one ingredient; cornstarch.

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  1. Cool! I'll definitely have to try this sometime. Great post! :)