Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday's Manicure: Neon Pink Braid

I saw a YouTube video of a braided manicure tutorial and I thought it looked really cool. I was saving it for a trip that we were going to go on this weekend, but unfortunately we could not scrape up enough cash to do it. But, I decided to to the manicure anyway.

The pink I used it Orly's Oh Cabana Boy, the white is Colorama by Maybeline in Pink Opal, and the blue is HD by Sally Hansen in Laser (which I borrowed from my aunt). All the colors were very sheer, which was cool when I put the blue over the pink because it looked purple. But, I had to put on the white 3 times and it still didn't cover the blue completely. The manicure also took a long time to get totaly dry, so I smeared it some.

I don't know which pictures turned out the best, so I just put both the indoor and outdoor ones. Personally, I think the thumbnail turned out the best, even though I smeared the very tip of it a tiny bit trying to open a mirror.

This is how I did the other hand. On this one, I had to put on at least 7 coats of white to make it opague.

And this is the video I used. Enjoy!

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