Friday, August 17, 2012

If I Ran The World

I was just reading Color Coordinated's blog, and she made a list of 20 things she would do if she ran the world. I decided to do the same.

1. All women would have equal rights as men.
2. Products would not be tested on animals.
3. Every building would be handicapp accesible
4. There would be no animal cruelity.
5. Everyone would be given at least $50 a week if they don't have a job.
6. Food would cost less.
7. The Urban Decay Naked Palette would not cost $50.
8. Chocolate would be a health food.
9. Hot chocolate would always be made with milk, not water (ick).
10. Laws based on ethics would all be legal. If you don't like it, don't do it.
11. Plastic surgery would have a limit.
12. School would start at noon and end at 3.
13. People would use cars only if they had to. Otherwise, they would just walk.
14. Only talented people would be famous.
15. Hospitals would be cheap.
16. Beauty Gurus would not use expensive makeup products all the time.
17. People could travel if they wanted to.
18. I could shop whenever I wanted to.
19. You would not have to pay for songs on i-tunes.
20. Magazines would not photoshop.


  1. I'm going to press refresh many times to give you lots of views, make you search engine friendly, and increase traffic!

    1. Oh, really? Thank you so much! :) <3