Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friday's Manicure: Post-Birthday Blues (Or Greens)

This past Friday was my 16th birthday. I was really busy that day and yesterday I had a party, so I didn't have time to re-paint my nails until today. Later I will make a post about my birthday. Anyway, my mom got me some new konads and new special polishes.

Because I now have 3 special polishes, which are thicker and the best kind to use for nail art stamping, I can layer different designs. I used both of my new plates for this manicure. On my ring finger, I have a white dandelion over some purple flowers. Both of them are from plate m20.

On my index finger, I stamped a pink ladybug from plate m30. Because I didn't want the green polish that I was using as a base color to make it look too bright, I painted a couple coats of maybeline's Pink Opal, which is a very sheer color. The green is Pixel Polish's Sexy S-Lime.

And I am so proud of myself! I only bumped my polish once, and it was really tiny and fixable. Even I can barely notice it.

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