Monday, December 3, 2012

TAG: Tis The Season!

Meghan asked me to do a tag that she created, so now I'm gonna do it!

1.) As of right now, how many sleeps until Christmas?


2.) What is number one on your wishlist?

Well, there isn't really one big thing that I want. It's mainly little things. For example, there is a fashion sketchpad that I had asked for my brithday, but I didn't get. That is one thing. Also, my aunt said that she had ordered The Hunger Games for my birthday, but that never came in, so I do hope that I will be getting that. Other than that, it's mainly the stocking stuffers that I like. Last year I really enjoyed them.

3.) How do you get in the holiday spirit?

This may sound weird, but I don't really have to do anything to get in the spirit. It just comes. Even though if I had to pick one thing, it would be watching Christmas movies.

4.) What goes on on Christmas Eve at your house?

My mom makes appetizers and sets out little chip and dip plates and all of the treats we've made on the table. In the evening, our closest family, which is my aunt, uncle, and grandparents, come over and we have a little gathering. I always ask my mom to put on the Christmas music channel on the tv. Then we just hang out. My parents are separated, so sometimes my dad comes over. I get my present from him and vice-versa. If Christmas Eve falls on a night  when I'm supposed to spend the night at his house, I will sometimes go with him when he leaves. But, that's only if his family is staying with us. Since I spent Thanksgiving with them already, they won't be coming over this year. If his family is not over at his house, then I leave when everyone else leaves and go to my aunts house so that I can spend the night and be there Christmas morning. My family told me that when Santa comes to your house, he rings a bell. So, when I was little, I would stay awake and try to listen for the bell. When I thought I could hear it, I would shut my eyes and try to get to sleep.

5.) How does Santa operate at your house?

We just do the typical gift exchange. My mom stuffs my stocking and we have stockings for all of our pets. When I was little, we even had one for my fish! On Christmas day, my family gathers in the living room and we each open our presents one at a time. My aunt always has to pass them out. Every year. Really, the only ones who stay in the living room are us girls. My uncle and my grandpa drift in and out throughout. We always do the biggest ones that don't fit under the tree first, my aunt just passes out the presents that are in the front of the tree and gradually goes to the back.

6.) What's a tradition you love?

I like going to the Nutcracker with my dad. We've done that every year since I was about six years old with a few exceptions, like me being sick and stuff like that. I also like wrapping presents with my mom while watching something Christmassy on tv.

7.) Do you give gifts?

Of course! Ever since I was little I have made my gifts to my family. But my favorite part is wrapping them.

8.) What's your favorite holiday drink?

Hot chocolate! It must be made with milk, though.

9.) What about your favorite holiday food?

Ummm...this is a tough one. Most of the things I eat during the holidays I eat all year, but I would have to say that my favorite is fudge. That is something that I only eat during Christmastime. Sometimes me and my mom make it, but most of the time it's my aunt. She brings it over on Christmas Eve and I eat about three pieces of it.

10.) What is your favorite Christmas movie?

A Christmas Story. That is probably the first Christmas movie that I saw that wasn't Barney or anything like that. A few weeks ago, my mom went to Target (without me!) and got me a set of pens that have quotes from the movie. I use those at school. We also quote lines from the movie, too.

11.) If you worked in Santa's workshop, what would you be doing?

Wrapping presents! I could do that all day.

12.) Can YOU do this tag?

Like Meghan, I tag anyone reading this. But, I would also like to tag Madison.


  1. Hey! I nominated you for the leibster award. All the details are at my blog :)

    1. Thanks! I'll do it as soon as I can.

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