Saturday, December 1, 2012

50 Posts! And A Little About Christmas

It's December, again! This is a favorite time of year for a lot of people, like me.

But before I talk about it, I must post an adorable penguin picture.

(In case you haven't read some of my other posts, I am obsessed with penguins)

I love Christmastime. I especially love going window-shopping at this time. So many people hate going to the mall because it's usually crazy, but I love it because they have the giant trees and all the stores are decorated. Micheals is also really fun since they always start selling decorations that are so sparkly! And when I do go shopping, I like stopping at a coffee shop and getting a hot chocolate. In the winter, I drink hot chocolate so much. It's my favorite thing to drink.

Another thing I like is the Christmas movies. I have not found one that I do not like. My favorite is A Christmas Story. I have to watch that at least once each year. The Hallmark movies are so cheesy, but I love those as well. For some reason, they make really cliche love stories and are still awesome. On the weekends I could just watch those all day. Wait...I have done that... :)

And then there is the gifts. I remember when I was little, my wishlist was pages long! Now, it's a little less than half a page. I love opening presents and the anticipation. I get so excited when presents start showing up under the tree! It's fun for me to read the tags. But, there is also giving the gifts. For as long as I can remember, I have made most of my gifts. But the most fun for me is the wrapping. I wish it could  take longer to do so it wouldn't be over so quickly. Me and my mom usually watch a Christmas movie while we wrap presents on the floor. I help her wrap her gifts, too.

Christmas for me and my dad is pretty much nothing but traditions. Every year, we dress up and go to the Nutcracker. We also give each other similar gifts, too. I make him fudge since he loves it so much. He gives me a small gift on Christmas Eve and then he takes me on a shopping spree during all the after-Christmas sales. Meanwhile, on Christmas Eve, my mom makes some appetizer-ish food and we get out all the sweets we've made. Our close family on that side comes over and sometimes brings some food, too. Then we just hang out. On Christmas day, we go to my aunt's house and that's where we open presents and have dinner and all that.

So, there are my favorite parts about Christmas which is pretty much every little thing about it. I would like to read about what you usually do on Christmas/Christmas Eve. Comment down below!


  1. I tagged you! See it all here-


    1. Thanks! I'll do it as soon as I can.

  2. Sounds super fun! One tradition I love doing every year is when we make tons of cookies and other treats and give them to our neighbors and friends. Great post!


    1. That sounds really nice. I bet they really enjoy that!